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Advanced Photography

What the course is about

One of the most misunderstood elements for many up and coming photographers is flash. It’s not easy to successfully use flash in photography. In fact, many of today’s distinguished and prosperous photographers only use natural light, simply due to the fact that they have never had the opportunity to correctly learn how to use the flash. 

The JPI Advanced course comes to solve this exact problem. It’s not easy to find a easy to understand, comprehensive and thorough course in flash photography. In face, many of of the photographers who I meet who have attempted to incorporate flash into their workflow, usually use it at a very basic level, and they are generally  unsatisfied with their results.

We highly recommend the Advanced course for any photographer who has finished the Foundational course, or is currently successfully shooting in Manual, but wants to take their lighting or low light photography to the next level.

What will I learn

The Advanced course gives our students a very thorough understanding of Flash and Studio photography. The course starts from the basics of flash and moves on to cover advanced studio lighting setups, the difference between umbrellas and softboxes (as well as other light modifiers), posing as well as a class on how to succeed in the business end of photography.

Upon completing the course you will be totally fluent in shooting in a studio as well as using flash to enhance your event photography.

When do the courses meet

The course meets for 10 1.5 hours sessions as well as 2 45 minute field trips for hand on experience.

One of the benefits of the JPI course is that due to the construction and organization of the material presented, we are able to accomplish quite a lot in a very short amount of time. In fact, many people remark on how amazing our student work is after completing our courses.

Courses take place in the Divrie Chaim neighborhood of Jerusalem.

What lighting gear do I need?

The minimum equipment requirement for the Advanced course is a basic flash lighting kit.

Fortunately for new photographers, many new lighting products have reached the market in recent years, which allows us to purchase a quality lighting kit for very reasonable prices.

While some of our students will buy a more expensive lighting kit from the get go, its important to note that it is also possible to also get very good results with a basic flash kit when used properly.

Please be in touch directly for any advice regarding flash purchases.

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