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Learn How Our Courses Create A 10 Week, Tried And True Method Of Learning Photography.

What is the school about

The JPI, originally founded in in 2010, was built from the ground up to create a powerful and streamlined photographic curriculum.

All materials have been custom designed in order to give you, the student, an actionable and easy to understand curriculum.

Patient and clear, all courses take you from the ground up to an amazing professional level. Most of our students are amazed at how much they are able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Check out some of our student’s work.

Our Courses

Foundational Photography

This is where we all start. We teach the basics in a super clear, patient and easy to understand manner.

Many of our students who have already been learning photography on their own or elsewhere are often surprised how much they still learn from this course!

Whether you are looking to open your own studio or simply want to take amazing pictures of your kids, this is course for you.

Adobe Post Production

Make your photos shine!

In today’s market, its often not enough to deliver photos straight out of the camera. Skin softening, beautiful colors and lens flare are only a few of the many tools of the trade we will teach you in our editing course.

Come find out how to make your photos look like the amazing pics you have seen on Instagram.

Advanced Photography

The Advanced course is where we learn the high end aspects of flash and setting up a studio.

As professionals, we can’t always rely on natural light. Come and find out how to create amazing studio images in the comfort of your home, learn about what lighting gear we need as well as a full class on how to make your business take off.

Meet Yirmiyahu Vann

Creator of the JPI

Yirmiyahu Vann has been blessed to be shooting professionally for since 2005.

He has shot for many of the top Jewish institutions, such as The Mir and Touro College.

Additionally, he has shot for many of Israel’s commercial and startup companies, such as OurCrowd, Hewlett Packard, WeWork, Incpetion VR and more. He has also had the privileged of shooting for Invertex and well as Mobile Eye, two Israeli startups who have successfully been bought out by Nike and Intel.

His photographic expertise ranges from headshots, product, studio and event photography.

Check out more of his work at www.VannVisuals.com.



  • “Having completed many courses in photography I can honestly say that the classes taught by Yirmiyahu Vann were the most clear and easy to follow. Yirmi was able to see what strengths I had as a photography and helped me hone those skills so that I am now confident in my photography and in my ability to work as an event photographer.”

    TALI WOHLGENERNTER Student – Renana
  • I’ve been hearing photography concepts my whole life but I never actually “got it” until I went to Yirmi’s photography course. Yirmi’s teaching style is clear and thorough, his patience is unmatched, and I grew leaps and bounds as a photographer in a very short time. I would absolutely recommend any course taught by Yirmi – for amateurs and potential professionals alike.  JPI courses are an invaluable investment in your future as a photographer.Thanks again for an amazing course!

    ORAH RITHOLTZ Student – Ramat Eshkol
  • Mr. Yirmi Vann is driven to succeed and drove us to reach our true potential. In the scope of just a few short weeks, we acquired the necessary skills to become competent and accomplished photographers. His clarity while teaching, combined with his enthusiasm and dedication, created  an optimal learning environment.
    If your looking for a positive photography learning experience, the Jerusalem Photo Institute, under Mr. Yirmi Vann’s guidance, would be the perfect address.
    Yenty Wulliger Student - Kiryat Belz
  • Its always been a dream of mine to become a photographer, and i never could have gotten this far so fast if not for Mr. Yirmiyahu Vann! He is a fantastic teacher- clear,patient and funny. I highly recommend his classes for any budding photographer!

    Gitty Layosh Shamgar
  • I learned and gained so much from the foundational photography course! Yirmiyahu was so patient, and gave over the information so clearly. He made us feel so confident in what we were doing. The classes were amazing and we all had soooo much fun on the field trips!

    Neomi Rosenberg
  • Yirmi came to give our employees a crash course on photography and we could not have had asked for a better experience. He was able to give the information in a clear and effective way, his presentation was engaging and interesting and he was just an overall pleasure to work with. We are constantly getting compliments on our photography and we have zero doubt that it is due to the teachings of Yirmi!

    Instapix Bet Shemesh

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