Foundational Photography

Mastering Natural Light

Foundational Photography

What the course is about

The JPI Foundational course is a highly effective course in Natural Light Photography. Our course has been carefully designed and crafted over many years to not only be fun, but to also give you the exact information you need to be a successful photographer in the shortest amount of time possible.

The course is perfect for beginners with little or no experience, as we start completely from the ground up.  Additionally, many of our students have been photographers who have been shooting for many years (or simply have been learning online)  but still have gaps in their photographic education.

We highly recommend this beginners course for both those who are looking to start a photography career, or for someone who simply wants to take better photographs of their family or as a hobby.

What will I learn

The Foundational course gives our students a very thorough understanding of today’s digital photography. The course covers all the basics:  Exposure, Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance and Lighting and more.

Additionally, our students have an excellent understanding of cameras and lens selections.

Upon completing the course you will be totally fluent in shooting manual mode as well as having the ability to take amazing outdoor portraits.

When do the courses meet

The course meets for 10 1.5 hours sessions as well as 2 45 minute field trips for hand on experience.

One of the benefits of the JPI course is that due to the construction and organization of the material presented, we are able to accomplish quite a lot in a very short amount of time. In fact, many people remark on how amazing our student work is after completing our courses.

Courses take place in the Divrie Chaim neighborhood of Jerusalem.

What if i don't have a camera?

We have rentals available!

For a small weekly fee, you can rent one of our camera’s to ensure you can start the courses on time.

Feel free to be in touch with us and check our our free 5 Minute Camera Buying Guide to make easy the purchasing of your first DSLR camera.

Click here to download the Foundational Photography syllabus

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